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GCP recognizes that success requires a financial consultant that has well-established relationships with institutional and accredited individual investors. Our investor base is actively seeking direct investment opportunities with growth-oriented companies demonstrating clear revenue momentum, a strong business plan and high-quality management.

Direct equity placements, also known as private placements in public equities (PIPEs) have become the popular choice of financing among small and mid-size companies. With a diverse global economy there have been numerous opportunities created for micro and small-cap public companies.

Direct investment transactions provide greater control and discretion in raising capital. Important factors of direct investments include confidentiality, lowered expenses, less paperwork, less management time away from day-to-day operations and greater flexibility in the process.


Our team of financial professionals will customize and arrange a private placement that seeks to obtain a quick, flexible, and cost-effective funding, which will enable your company to grow, build cash reserves and ultimately enhance shareholder value.